Cosmopawlitan Grooming Spaw at Middletown for Dogs

Monday –Saturday by appointment - 732-275-1905

We treat our clients with patience and understanding


Cage Free Environment

We offer a cage free environment so your dog can relax and enjoy his or her visit while getting groomed. For those that prefer not to be in the company of others, we offer other options that best fit their needs.


Safety and Cleanliness

Our facility is kept sanitized at all times. After each groom, our tables, tubs and equipment are sanitized. We Never Cage Dry – in fact there are no cage dryers in our facility.


Special Needs

We will take extra time to calm your pet's anxieties to ensure that your pet has a pleasant grooming experience. If we need to stop and give him a break-we will. If we have to move slowly around him -we will. It is about earning the trust of your dog so he won’t be stressed. Over time your pet should remember their time with us and look forward to visiting our spaw.

We specialize in caring for seniors and dogs with special physical restrictions or needs.

Our tables can be lowered for the larger dogs so they can easily climb on/off the grooming table and our tub has a ramp for easy in/out access.

If there is a special need, please advise us upon scheduling so we may accommodate your pet in the best way possible.



By Appointment

We groom by appointment – Your spaw appointment is a reservation for service. To provide individualized attention to each pampered pet, we take only a limited number of appointments each day. Please be on time for your appointment or call if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late. If you cannot make your appointment, please give 24 hours notice to allow us to fill your grooming slot


The Groom

Your pet will enjoy a luxurious bath, massaged from Nose to Tail, using only premium shampoos and conditioners selected appropriately for their skin and coat type.

Your pet's groom will be customized to your preference and your dog's lifestyle. We will have a client consultation before each groom so we understand how you want your pet styled.  Our experienced staff will style your pets in the manner you wish from a cute clippered puppy cut or a show stopping hand scissorred breed cut.

During the groom, our experienced groomers are also checking for any hidden fleas and ticks that you may not be aware, especially in the longer double coated dogs.  We will also make you aware of any new lumps, skin irritations or anything else we notice that is different from the last groom. Your pet's happiness and well being has top priority here at Cosmopawlitan.

Services Offered

Full Groom

  • Bath and Blow Dry

  • Brush Out (extra charge for dematting)

  • Furminate (shedding breeds)

  • Ears gently washed and hair removed on certain breeds

  • Nails clipped

  • Pads trimmed

  • Sanitary Trim

  • Professionally styled

Full Bath

  •  Bath and Blow Dry

  •  Brush Out (extra charge for dematting)

  •  Furminate (shedding breeds)

  •  Ears gently washed

  •  Nails clipped

  •  Pads trimmed

  •  Sanitary trim

Splash & Dash

  • Bath and Blow Dry

  • Brush Out (extra charge for dematting)


  • $10- Flea Bath

  • $10- Medicated Bath

  • $5- Blueberry Facial

  • $10- Whitening Shampoo

Ala Carte Services

  • $10- Nails Clipped

  • $15- Nails Grinded (only $5 with Full Bath or Groom) 

  • $10- Nails Polished

  • Furminated (Prices vary based Breed and Coat)

  • $15- Anal Glands (only $5 with Full Bath or Groom)

  • $5- Teeth Brushing


Prices for dog grooming and baths are based on breed, size and coat condition.  We will be happy to estimate a price for you over the phone but for the most accurate quote it is always best to assess the dog in person.

For more information please call us at (732)-275-1905